To create a new campaign, you select the relevant Flow to send and specifying the following parameters:

  • Campaign Name: The name by which the campaign is known. The name can include any text.
  • Campaign ID: An identifier that is used to invoke the service that sends the SMS to the customer. Any string can be used.
  • Message to Text: The message content, which may include up to 140 characters. The Flow URL should be represented by the following placeholder: <link>.
  1. At the upper right corner of the Campaign Management page, click Add. The Add Campaign page opens.

  2. Enter a name for the campaign and the Campaign ID in the appropriate fields. Any strings may be used.
  3. In the Message To Text field, enter the content of the SMS message. The Flow URL should be represented by a <link> placeholder (e.g., Please click here <link>.
  4. From the Interaction to text list, select the relevant Flow. (All approved Flows are listed). Alternatively, enter all or part of the Flow name in the field. Auto complete functionality is supported.
  5. From the Application dropdown list, select the application in which to run the Flow. The list includes all applications to which the Flow was published.

    Once you select an application, a URL is automatically displayed in the Link field. In addition, the Flow's URL Access link appears at the bottom of the page. Clicking this link opens the Access Protection tab of the relevant Flow. If the selected Flow is access protected, an access token is automatically added to the URL when the campaign is saved.
  6. If relevant, add additional required parameters to the link. The link may be up to 160 characters long.

  7. At the upper right corner of the page, click Save. A confirmation message is displayed, and the new campaign is listed in a new row on the Campaign Management page.