System Variables are created in the Admin Console for use in any Flow. Jacada Interact comes with a set of out-of-the-box System variables, and you can create an unlimited number of additional ones, as required. 

The System Variables page of the Admin Console enables you to view, create and update the system variables that are available in the Web Designer. When saved or updated, System Variables and their values are immediately updated in runtime.

When you make changes to a System Variable, you do not need to re-publish existing Flows for the modifications to take effect. Each time a Flow is opened or captured using the Designer, the system automatically checks whether System Variables being used in the Flow have been affected by changes from the Admin Console. If there is a mismatch between new and previously-set Variables, the Conflicts Center panel is displayed, alerting the designer about any conflicts that have been created.

Note: In previous versions of the Admin Console, System Variables were also called Interaction Variables.

About the System Variables Page

You access the System Variables page from the Resources menu.

Item Feature Description
1 Filtering Dropdown Filters the variables list according to the parameter selected (All, Read Only, or Non Read Only). The default selection is All.
2 Selection Checkboxes Enable you to select a variable on which to perform administrative actions.
3 Variables Grid Provides general information about each variable on the list. Clicking the Name link displays more detailed information about the variable.

By default, the System Variables list is sorted according to Name, in ascending alphabetical order. The list can be sorted according to any column, in either ascending or descending order.

Variables Grid Details

The variables grid provides the following information about each variable:

Column Description
Selection checkbox A selected checkbox in the row of a variable enables you to perform actions on that variable (e.g., delete). Selecting the checkbox in the header row of the grid automatically selects all the rows to perform batch actions on all variables.
Name The name currently assigned to the variable. Clicking this link opens the Details page for the relevant variable.
Type The currently-defined variable type. Supported types are:
Value The default value of the variable.
Description Relevant comments or notes about the variable.
Read Only A V in this column indicates that the variable is read only. The values of read only variables may not be changed in the Web Designer.

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