System Variables are an important and powerful part of Interact Flow design. They can supply important runtime information, determine whether customer input is saved in the database, and even help to route a customer's call.

System Variables are used for storing values globally for access by more than one Flow. When you create a System Variable, it is available for use in the Web Designer for any Flow, and any default value set for it will automatically be assigned to it in the Designer and during runtime.

Note: In previous versions of the Admin Console, System Variables were also called Interaction Variables.

Interact comes with a set of pre-configured System Variables and you can also create additional System Variables, as needed.

You use the System Variables page in the Admin Console to view, create and update System Variables.

You access System Variables in the Web Designer via the Solution Explorer or the Variables List dropdown that appears when you enter a "@" in the definition field for many Interact elements.

The following types can be used as the basis for a System Variable:

Whenever a Flow is opened using the Designer, Interact automatically checks to see whether the System Variables used in the Flow have been changed in the Admin Console. If there is a mismatch between the attributes of new and previously-set Variables, the Conflicts Center panel is displayed to show the conflicts that were found.

If a Flow is already open in the Designer when a change is made to a System Variable, you can manually update it by clicking the Refresh button in the main toolbar. A Refresh updates System Variables as well as other resources for the Flow.