The Images page of the Admin Console (accessed from the menu bar by selecting Resources > Images) represents the image collection that is available for your use. Each account defines and maintains its own image collection. For example:

The Images page is arranged according to image name and screen size. Each row in the grid represents an image. You can upload several instances of an image, to correspond to different screen sizes. Each instance of the image should be sized (in advance) to achieve the best resolution on the target device. When there is more than one instance of an image in the collection, the relevant screen sizes that were uploaded are indicated by a selected checkbox in the grid.
When multiple instances of an image are used, each instance needs to have the same filename (e.g., ImageA.jpg). The directory containing the images therefore needs to be set up according to screen sizes. All the images relevant to a certain screen size should be placed in a single folder that is named according to that size. In the example below, the instance of ImageA.jpg appropriate for the iPhone 3 is placed in the Screen 320x480 folder, the instance of ImageA.jpg appropriate for the iPad 3 is placed in the Screen 2048x153 folder, and so on.

Compressing each folder as a .zip file enables you to upload multiple images to the server simultaneously. Verify that all the images inside the file are intended for the same screen resolution.
Other information provided on the Images page is listed and described in the following table.

Name The title assigned to the image. By default, the name is the same as the name of the image file.
Default Indicates whether a default image is assigned. The default image is used when no image is defined for a specific image size.
Preview An icon showing a preview of the image.
Description Notes or comments about the image (if any were defined).
Category A user defined identifier for the image. This parameter is used for search purposes.
Last modification date Date on which image details were last updated.