Jacada Interact supports both an Images Library and a Media Library. These libraries, which are created and managed on the Admin Console, store resources that can be used to enhance the content and presentation of Interactions. For example, Choice items that are displayed to the user can be presented as different icons, or a video can incorporated into an Interaction element to enhance the user's experience.
Image collections on the server are organized according to name and screen size. Jacada Interact supports several different screen sizes, to ensure that an image is displayed in the proper resolution on the user's device. The following screen sizes are currently supported:

Size (pixels)Recommended for:
320 x 480
  • iPhone 3
  • Galaxy Ace
480 x 800
  • HTC Desire HD
  • Galaxy S2
640 x 960
  • iPhone 4/4S/5
  • Galaxy S3
1024 x 768 iPad/iPad 2
2048 x 1536 iPad 3

The following topics describe how to maintain Image and Media libraries on the server, and how to use images and videos in Interactions: