A published Interaction is stored on the Interaction Server. Published Interactions can be viewed by other designers, and retrieved from the server for testing and editing purposes.

Pre-publishing Guidelines
Before publishing an Interaction, verify that the following conditions are met:

  • The Interaction has a designated Start element. The Start element represents the logical starting point on the Interaction, and is the first item presented to a user running the Interaction.
    To designate an element as the Start element, right-click on the element, and select Set as start element.
  • The location to which Interactions are published are configured in the Settings dialog (accessed from the Options menu). For details, refer to Configuring Server Settings.

Publishing Guidelines
The following rules apply when publishing:

  • If another designer has an editing lock on the Interaction, the Interaction cannot be published.
  • If you attempt to publish a version of the Interaction that already exists, the system generates a warning that the version is already on the server. If the publish is required (e.g., because a previous publishing attempt failed), the system will allow you to proceed.
  • It is not possible to publish an Interaction with the same Version ID as an Interaction that is already approved (for the account). This prevents designers from replacing a version that is live and available to users.
  • An Interaction may be published to only one folder at a time. If you want the Interaction to be included in more than one folder, the publishing process needs to be repeated. Alternatively, you may publish the Interaction once, and then assign it to additional folders using the Folders menu of the Jacada Interaction Server Admin Console.

Performing Publishing
Publishing an Interaction involves reviewing/updating the parameters in the Submit Interaction dialog.

To publish an Interaction:

  1. From the Interaction menu, select Publish.
    The Submit Interaction dialog appears.

  2. From the Folder dropdown list, select the folder to which the Interaction will be published. The default selection is home.
    Note: The folder system is relevant only for Interactions that are published to the Agent App channel.
  3. Review and, if necessary, update the following parameters:
    • Name: Name of the Interaction as it will appear on the web server to users.
    • Version: Designer-defined version details. This can be any meaningful reference.
      (The Version ID below the Description field is the version used by Jacada to track user activity.)
    • Description: Free text that appears to users if the knowledge base is enabled on the web. The information appears in search results and lists.
  4. Specify the channel types in which the Interaction will be available:
    At the bottom of the dialog, select/clear the relevant checkboxes. Any applications that are not included with your license are automatically disabled.
  5. If you would like the Launchpad to open after the Interaction is published, so you can easily preview the flow in different themes and test it on your mobile device, select the Show Launchpad after publish is complete checkbox. 
    Note: The checkbox is enabled only when you are publishing to the Mobile Web application.
  6. Click Publish.
    The Interaction is put into the Draft section on the web server, ready for testing and use by other designers.