When the Designer is launched, the main work area (Interaction Map) and most of the toolbar icons are disabled. Once an Interaction is created or opened, the toolbars at the top of the screen and the tabs at the bottom of the screen are enabled.

The main areas of the Designer screen are described in the following table.

1 Menu Bar Provides access to actions commonly performed while designing Interactions. For details, refer to Using the Menu Options.
2 Toolbars Provide shortcut access to common operations.
3 Interaction List Lists all Interactions that are currently open, and enables you to manage the screen display. For details, refer to Managing Interaction Displays.
4 Element Explorer Pane Provides a list of all Interaction elements used in the Interaction. For details, refer to Using the Element Explorer.
5 Interaction Map The main work area in which you build the Interaction.
6 Simulation Pane This area displays a simulation of how the Interaction will appear to the end user. For more information, refer to Testing Interactions.