The DNIS Manager tab enables you to view your list of phone numbers and to free allocated numbers. The following figure shows the DNIS Manager tab as it appears when the DNIS Service Application is activated.

If your license supports the DNIS Application (not the DNIS Service Application), the DNIS Manager tab enables you to view and also manage your list of phone numbers. For more information, refer to Managing Your List of Phone Numbers.

To access the DNIS Manager tab:

  1. From the menu bar, select Settings > Connectivity.
    The Connectivity page opens, with the General tab displayed by default.
  2. At the top of the page, click DNIS Manager. Alternatively, at the right side of the page, click the DNIS Manager Settings link.
    The DNIS Manager tab is displayed.

Search Tool
The search tool, at the upper left corner of the tab, allows you to search for numbers that share a common value. Clicking the Search icon filters the list to display only the numbers that contain the value entered in the search textbox.
To undo filtering, click the Refresh icon.

Refresh Icon
Clicking this icon refreshes the phone list with the latest information from the server. This action is useful for checking the current allocation status of the phone numbers.

Phone List Grid
By default, this grid is blank. Once phone numbers are added, the grid provides the following information about each number:

ColumnDescriptionRelevant to DNIS Service Application
Select All checkbox Selects/clears all numbers on the phone list. Yes
External Number The complete number, including all prefixes (area code, etc.). Yes
DNID An identifier for the number, generally the last 4 or 6 digits of the phone number. No
Group Name A user defined logical association for the number. No
Interaction Unique Id The unique identifier of the Interaction that is currently allocated to the phone number (if relevant). Yes
Allocation Time The date and time when the phone number was last allocated. Yes
Enabled Indicates whether the phone number is currently able to receive calls. No