The Connectivity sub-menu (Settings > Connectivity) displays settings related to configuration of the following Contact Us options:

  • Call Now: Enables users to phone a call center agent (by selecting Call on the Contact Us page of an Interaction).
  • Call Return: Enables users to request a callback from an agent (by selecting Call Return on the Contact Us page).
  • Email: Enables users to send an email to an agent (by selecting Mail on the Contact Us page).

Viewing and Updating Default (Global) Connectivity Settings

The upper portion of the Connectivity page displays the default connectivity settings. The settings displayed here are used by all applications (of the Mobile Web and the Web Self Service channels only) for which customized connectivity settings have not been defined. 

By default, the call handling method for Call Now is Direct Dial with DTMF Code, and the call handling method for Call Return is Email.  

Note: If you have upgraded from an older version and you previously updated the default connectivity settings, the settings displayed in your Connectivity menu will be those that you are currently using.

To update the default connectivity settings:

  1. At the upper right corner of the Connectivity page, click Edit.
    All settings become editable.

  2. Update the call connectivity settings as required. For details, refer to Configuring Call Now Settings and Defining Call Return Settings.
  3. If relevant, in the Email Address for Contact Us field, update the email address to which customer emails (to request assistance) will be sent.
  4. At the right upper corner of the Connectivity page, click Save.
    Changes are saved in the system.

Viewing Application Connectivity Settings

Jacada Interaction Server supports the ability to set different connectivity settings for each of your applications. For example, your Mobile Web application may use DTMF code for its call handling method, while the Web Self Service application uses the DNIS service. 

Note: Connectivity settings are relevant only to applications with a Mobile Web or Web Self Service channel type.

The grid at the bottom of the Connectivity page lists all applications with a channel type of Mobile Web or Web Self Service, and indicates whether its connectivity settings are default or custom:

  • Default: The application uses the connectivity settings that are defined on the Connectivity page.
  • Application Settings: The application uses connectivity settings that differ from the global default settings in one or more ways.

Clicking the link in the Connectivity Settings column redirects you to the tab of the relevant application. For more information, refer to Configuring Application Connectivity Settings.