All Interactions that are published to the server are assigned an Interaction URL containing the direct path to the Interaction. The Share feature enables you to generate a link (and, if relevant, the embedded code), so you can copy it and send it to appropriate parties, incorporate it into SMS messages, or use it in other ways for distribution purposes. 
The Shorten URL feature enables you to shorten the URL before copying it, so you can send a more friendly link that occupies less space on the user's device.

Note: Customers who have an on-premise installation need some additional integration to activate the Shorten URL feature. For more information, click here

The Share button can be accessed from the following pages:

Note: The Share button is displayed only for Interactions that have an Approved status.

Clicking Share opens the Share popup. This popup enables you to generate an Interaction URL (link) that will launch the Interaction in a selected application channel. The URL Parameters field allows you to define additional parameters to be appended to the URL (if required).

The Interaction's URL Access link indicates the access protection status of the Interaction for the selected application channel (Opened or Protected). If the selected Interaction is access protected in the Web Self Service and/or Agent Application, the defined security options will be applied to both the generated link and the embedded code. For more information about protecting an Interaction link, refer to Protecting Access to Interactions.

To generate the Interaction URL and embedded code:

  1. From the Details page of the relevant Interaction, click Share.
    The Share popup opens. 
  2. From the Share interaction on dropdown list, select the required application. (The list displays all applications to which the Interaction is published.)

    Once an application is selected, the Interaction's URL Access link appears below the dropdown list. Clicking this link opens the Access Protection tab of the relevant Interaction.
  3. If you select a Web Self Service application, from the Show As dropdown list, select Pop over (default) or Full display.
  4. If relevant, in the URL Parameters field, enter parameters to be appended to the generated URL.
    The required format is &param_1=value1&param_2=value2 and so on.
  5. If the Interaction's URL Access is Protected, from the Protect URL dropdown list, select one of the following values:
    • True: The security options defined for the application channel will be maintained. (This is the default value.)
    • False: The security options defined will be ignored, and the URL will be generated as an eternal link. 

    Note: Use the False option with caution. If you suspect that an eternal link is being used improperly, regenerating the application key will disable the link.
  6. To shorten the URL, from the Shorten Url dropdown list, select True.
  7. Click Generate Link.
    The Interaction URL and (if relevant) the embedded code are displayed. If the URL is protected, a token is automatically added to the end of the URL.