The Interactions page enables you to view, update, run and manage the Interactions published to the Interaction server. The page is accessed from the menu bar by selecting Resources > Interactions.

The grid on the Interactions page lists all Interactions published to the server, and provides basic information about each one. Features of the grid are described in the table following the diagram.

Number Feature Description
1 State (status) filter Filters the Interactions grid according to the status selected (All, Draft, or Approved). The default selection is All.
2 Folder filter Filters the Interactions grid according to the folder selected. The default selection is All. For more information about folders, refer to Using Folders to Organize Interactions.
3 Search tool Filters the Interactions grid according to a specific search term. You can search according to Interaction name, Interaction description, or a user who modified the Interaction.
4 Refresh icon Updates the Interactions grid with the latest information from the server.
5 Selection boxes These boxes enable you to select an Interaction on which to perform administrative actions.
6 State (status) filter Provides basic information about each Interaction. For details, refer to Interactions Grid Parameters.

Interactions Grid Parameters

The following data is provided about each Interaction:

Column Description/Notes
Name Name of the Interaction. Clicking the Name link displays the Interaction Details page.
Status Draft or Approved. Approved Interactions are accessible for use by Jacada Interact clients.
Description Relevant notes, generally describing the purpose of the Interaction.
Last Time Modified The date and time when the Interaction was most recently updated.
Version A version number appears when more than one published Interaction share the same Interaction ID. The Interaction that appears in the grid is either the version that is approved (only one version can have an Approved status), or the most recent draft.

For more details about Interaction versions, refer to Viewing and Updating Interaction Versions.
Modified By The administrator who last updated the Interaction. When predefined authentication is used, clicking the link opens the User's Details page for the relevant administrator.
Application Channel columns These columns enable you to view the channels to which Interactions were published. A selected checkbox indicates that the Interaction was published to that application.

The grid can be sorted according to any column, in either ascending or descending order.