Clicking on the Name of a variable in the System Variables list opens the System Variable: <variable name> page, which provides detailed properties about the selected variable.

In addition to the information found in the System Variables page grid, this page provides the following information:

Column Description/Notes
Client Header The name that is passed at the start of an Interaction to populate a Read Only variable. (This parameter is relevant to Read Only variables only.)
Created On The date and time when the variable was created.
Created By The user name of the administrator who created the variable.

Updating System Variables

The buttons in the upper right corner of the page enable you to update or delete the variable.

Clicking the Edit button enables you to update the variable's:

  • Name
  • Value
  • Description
  • Read Only Status

Note: System Variables cannot be modified while working in TEST or PROD environments of a Multi Environment Account.

The following rules apply to updating System Variables:

  • The variable name cannot be identical to that of an existing System Variable.
  • The variable name cannot be identical to that of a variable that is used in the latest version of an existing Interaction. (If a variable with the same name was used in a previous version of an Interaction, a warning popup appears when you create the new System Variable.)
  • A System Variable's Name and Type may not be updated if the Variable is currently being used in one or more approved Interactions.
  • You can update the Value of a System Variable that is currently being used in an approved Interaction. (You will be asked to confirm the update.)

To modify details of a System Variable:

  1. From the System Variables page, click on the name of the variable you wish to modify. The System Variable: <variable name> page is displayed.
  2. In the upper right corner of the page, click Edit. All parameters become editable.
  3. Update the editable parameters as required. For more information about defining the parameters, refer to Adding System Variables.

    Note: Multi Environment accounts have an additional parameter called Environment Variable. For more information, refer to Using Environment Variables.
  4. When finished, click Save at the upper right corner of the page. A confirmation message is displayed, and your changes to the selected System Variable are saved.

Note: When you add or make changes to a System Variable, we recommend that you Refresh currently active Interactions to update them with the new information and redraw them in the Web Designer. Use the Refresh button in the main toolbar of the Web Designer. For more information, click here.