You view and update System Variables using the System Variables page in the Admin Console.

Note: System Variables cannot be modified while working in locked TEST or PROD environments of a Multi Environment Account.

The following rules apply to updating System Variables:

  • The variable name cannot be identical to that of an existing System Variable.
  • The variable name cannot be identical to that of a variable that is used in the latest version of an existing Flow. (If a variable with the same name was used in a previous version of a Flow, a warning popup appears when you create the new System Variable.)
  • A System Variable's name and type may not be updated if the Variable is currently being used in one or more approved Flows.
  • You can update the value of a System Variable that is currently being used in an approved Flow. (You will be asked to confirm the update.)


To view and update a System Variable:

  1. From the Resources section of the Admin Console, click System Variables. The System Variables page is displayed:

    To sort the page display alphabetically by the value in one of the page columns, click on the desired column heading.
  2. Click on the name of the System Variable you wish to view or update.

    When the list is long, you can locate a specific System Variable by entering a few letters from its name in the Search box at the upper right corner of the page.

    The details page for the selected variable will be displayed:

  3. Update the parameters as required. For detailed information on all parameter definitions, see Adding System Variables.
  4. When finished, click Save at the lower right corner of the page. A confirmation message is displayed, and your changes to the selected System Variable are saved.

    You can exit the operation at anytime without saving changes by clicking Cancel.

Note: When make changes to a System Variable, we recommend that you Refresh currently active Flows to update them with the new information and redraw them in the Web Designer. Use the Refresh button in the main toolbar of the Web Designer. For more information, click here.