Jacada Interact enables you to define a Theme for many application channel types, so that the Flows you distribute to users have a customized look and feel.

Many default Themes are available to you 'out-of-the-box' upon creation of your account. In addition, you can create your own customized Themes, based on any of the default Themes.

All Flows run using a specified application. You assign the Theme to an application from the Client Settings tab for that application. To use multiple Themes for a Flow, you simply create a separate application and assign it the additional Theme you wish to use.

You use the Themes page to view and manage the Themes defined for your account. You access the page from the Resources menu of the Admin Console.

The Themes page displays basic information about each Theme, including its intended Client application channel type and the applications currently using the Theme. Clicking a specific Theme name displays its detailed settings.

A Theme is always designed for a specific client, e.g., Mobile (Mobile Self Service client) Web (Web Self Service and Agent Application clients), Chatbot, etc.


Customizing Themes

You can create your own customized Theme based on one of the default themes, as follows:

  1. Clone an existing Theme.
  2. Rename the cloned Theme and modify its elements.
  3. Apply the new Theme to the desired applications from the Client Settings tab for that Applications.