In the first part of the tutorial, we create a new REST Integration Point to call a service that returns a collection of customers. No input parameters are required.

Note: The following procedure is simplified. For complete instructions about creating a REST integration point, refer to Creating a REST Integration Point.

To create the Integration Point:

  1. From the menu bar on the left side of the Admin Console (under Resources), select Integration Points.
    The Web Service Integration Points page opens.
  2. At the upper right corner of the page, click Add, and then select REST.
    The New Rest Integration Point page opens.
  3. In the REST Url field, enter
  4. Click Next until the Response tab is displayed.
    The expected response from this request type is a collection of customers. We will therefore map the response to a collection type variable.
  5. From the Variable Type dropdown list, select COLLECTION. Then, from the of type dropdown list, select my_customer. (This is the variable type created in the previous exercise.)

  6. In the Variable Name field, enter my_customers. This will be the name displayed in the Interaction Designer.
    Then, click Next.
  7. In the Definition tab, enter a name (get my customers) and description for the new integration point.
    Then, click Create.
  8. To exit the New Integration Point wizard, click Done.
  9. To make the Integration Point visible to others, change its status from Draft to Approved.