In the last phase of our tutorial, we will create a Statement element in which the returned values from the Integration Point will be displayed.

Note: The following procedure is simplified. For full details on allocating field values into simple variables, refer to Displaying the Values of Fields in a Statement.

To display the returned values in a Statement:

  1. Create a Statement element, and enter a page title and a reference name in the appropriate fields.
  2. At the right side of the Statement Definition dialog, click Editor.
  3. From the pane at the left side of the Editor, expand the Variable elements node, and navigate to the relevant user variables. Drag the variables into the work area of the Editor.

  4. If desired, use the toolbar of the Editor to apply colors, styles, and other formatting to the text.
  5. To close the Editor, click OK.
  6. From the Statement Definition dialog, click OK.
    The dialog closes, and the Statement is saved.
  7. Draw a Connector between the Allocator element and the new Statement.

Test your Interaction by running it and checking the values received from the database.