This out-of-the-box application is a modified version of the Agent Application. It is not necessary to have a license for the Agent Application to use the Agent (History Only) application.

Like the Agent Application, the History Only client is designed for use by call center agents, providing a read-only view of the history of a Flow. The History Only client enables agents to access all the information, choices and input provided by the user, so they can manage calls and chats quickly and efficiently.

The following example shows the settings for the Agent (History only) application.

Note: Any instances of the Agent Application that you create (with the appropriate license) provide additional configurable settings. For details, see Agent Application Settings.

Details Tab

Details panel settings are described in the following table:

Setting Description/Notes
Application Name The name Agent (History only) is predefined, and may not be modified.
Description Notes/comments about the application.
Full URL Clicking this link runs the application in a new browser tab. For details, refer to Running and Sharing Applications.
Active Indicates whether the application is currently active. The application key of an inactive application is disabled, and users are unable to access Flows.
Requires Login This setting determines whether or not users need to log in to access unsecured Flows. The default setting is Yes.
Login Application This setting optionally assigns a custom Login Application, effective when Login is required by users. Clicking on the dropdown menu lists all Login applications that are available to the account.
Modified On The last date and time that changes were made to this Application.
Modified By The last Admin who made changes to this Application. 
Session Timeout (in minutes) The period of time for which an idle Flow (not being navigated by the user) is still considered active. After the Session Timeout is reached, the Flow is considered abandoned, and if the user attempts to continue it, an error message is displayed.
The default Session Timeout value is 30.
Client Settings Tab

This tab displays settings that define the default presentation, layout, and functionality of the application. For more information, see Agent Application Settings.

Index.html Settings Tab

This tab enables you to customize the UI display for the application. For more information, see Customizing the UI for an Application.

Authentication Tab

These settings enable you to select the authentication method that is used for this application. For information on configuring authentication for applications, see Authentication Settings for an Application.

Editing Agent (History) Settings

  1. From the Applications page, click the Agent (History only) link.
    The Application: Agent (History only) page is displayed.
  2. At the right upper corner of the page, click Edit.
    The settings become editable.
  3. If desired, in the Description field, enter or update relevant notes/comments.
  4. Update settings in the Details tab, as required.
  5. Update settings in the Client Settings tab, as required. For more information, click here.
  6. To customize how UI components appear to a customer (for example, to change the application Title, headers and footers, or add custom Javascript code) edit the index.html tab settings. For more information, click here.
  7. Update the Authentication tab, as required. For more information, click here.
  8. At the top right corner of the page, click Save. A confirmation message is displayed, and the Applications page opens.