The Jacada Interact platform is a multi-purpose interaction management platform that powers Visual IVR, Jacada AgentScripting and more.

Visual IVR extends your legacy IVR by providing a convenient visual interface to your existing IVR system, allowing your customers to easily touch their way through your IVR system, either on their mobile device or on your website. And while Visual IVR can reuse your existing IVR scripts (VXML) to instantly provide a visual interface, our Interaction Designer also allows you to create new self-service flows that enhance the Visual IVR experience further.

Using Visual IVR allows you to address customer concerns at the moment of truth – that moment when they decide to reach out to your organization. This moment of truth has the highest value when the self service experience has broken down and live agent assistance is needed. Visual IVR offers you all the benefits of your existing IVR but more importantly offers you an additional opportunity to complete the self service transaction, saving you time and money.

The Jacada Interact platform powers Visual IVR and provides you with a convenient graphical Interaction designer where your customer interactions are created through clicks, not code. And because Interact provides a single authoring environment, your Visual IVR interactions can run on multiple touch points, and also be reused on your agent desktop with Jacada Agent Scripting. This powerful capability of interaction reuse brings consistency and continuity to your customer interactions, across all your touch points. Providing a consistent customer experience is challenging. Today’s customer can reach your organization in many ways - Web, Mobile, IVR, Voice, Social and more. Your reputation really suffers when that customer has to repeat the same information as they move from one touch point to another. And it gets even worse if the customer receives different, even contradictory, information, simply depending on the interaction channel.

Jacada Interact bridges the gap between self service and traditional customer service contact channels by allowing the customer to conveniently connect to a live agent from within any touch point (Web, Mobile, Social, IVR) without having to repeat information such as name, account number, the nature of the call, or any other details needed to resolve their question.

A high level overview of the system architecture is shown in the following diagram.

System Components
The system is based on the following foundation tools:

  • Interaction Designer: The standalone application in which designers create and test Interactions.
    Completed Interactions are published to the Jacada Interaction Server. End users access Interactions from the server via either a browser or a mobile device.
    Note: For an overview of the workflow involved in creating and maintaining Interactions, refer to Interaction Life Cycle Management.
  • Jacada Interaction Server: A web server that functions as a service for accessing and running Interactions.
  • Interaction Server Admin Console: The central management platform of the system.
  • Database: Stores all data related to the web server.