An Admin can use the Reset Password feature to reset Interact passwords on demand.

This initiates a process that requires an Interact user to change the password they use to access the Admin Console.

To help ensure account security, Admins do not have the ability to manually assign another user's password. Instead, the Reset Password process is used to generate an email – sent directly to the relevant user – which prompts that user to click an embedded Reset Password link.

Note: When the Admin clicks the Reset Password button, the relevant user's account status will be changed to inactive until the user creates a valid new password.

  1. From the Users page, click the name of the relevant user in the Full Name column. Their Users Details page is displayed.
  2. At the upper right corner of the page, click Reset Password. A confirmation message is displayed, and an email containing a link to the Reset Your Password page is sent to the relevant user. For example:

  3. Upon receipt, the user clicks the embedded link to initiate a password change process, as described here.

In the event that no email settings are defined for either the selected user account or the Jacada Interaction Server system account, the Reset Password feature will change the relevant user's password to a default password. The user can then access the Admin Console using the default password and proceed to change this password using the Change Password procedure for their own account.