A published Interaction is stored on the Jacada Interaction Server. Published Interactions can be viewed by other designers, and retrieved from the server for testing and editing purposes. When you submit an Interaction to the server, you need to specify the clients to which the Interaction will be published (Agent Application, Web Self Service and/or Mobile Web App).

Publishing Prerequisites

Before publishing an Interaction, verify that the following conditions are met:

  • The Interaction has a designated Start element. The Start element represents the logical starting point on the Interaction, and is the first item presented to a user running the Interaction.
    To designate an element as the Start element, right-click on the element, and select Set as start element.
  • The location to which Interactions are published are configured in the Settings dialog (accessed from the Options menu).

Performing Publishing

The following procedure explains how to publish an Interaction from the Designer. Before publishing, verify that your Interaction is saved.

  1. From the Interaction menu, select Publish.
    The Submit Interaction dialog opens. For example:

  2. Review and, if necessary, update the Name, Version, and Description.
  3. Specify the Jacada Interaction Server clients in which the Interaction will be available:
    At the bottom of the dialog, select/clear the relevant checkboxes. Any clients that are not included with your license are automatically disabled.
  4. If you would like to view the Interaction in the Launchpad after publication, verify that the Show Launchpad after publish is complete checkbox is selected.
    Note: This checkbox is visible only to customers with VIVR accounts.
  5. Click Publish.

Running Interactions from the Admin Console

When you publish an Interaction, you specify the Jacada Interaction Server clients (i.e., applications) in which the Interaction will be made available. Interactions can therefore be run in any application to which the Interaction is published.
Interactions are run from the Interactions sub-menu of the Jacada Interaction Server Admin Console. Running an Interaction involves selecting the Interaction to run, and then specifying the application in which to run it.

To run an Interaction from the Admin Console:

  1. Access the Login page of the Interaction Server Admin Console by using the following URL:https://<SERVER_URL>/admin/login/<COMPANY_ID>
    COMPANY_ID is the alias you entered when you created your account.
  2. Log in by entering your username (email) and password.
  3. From the menu bar on the left side of the page, under Resources, select Interactions.
    The Interactions page opens.
  4. In the Name column, click the link of the Interaction you want to run.
    The Interaction's Details page is displayed.
  5. At the top of the page, open the dropdown next to the Run button, and select the relevant application. Then, click Run.

    The Interaction runs in a new browser tab. The following example shows how an Interaction runs in the Agent Application.

Note: Clicking the Share button displays the Interaction URL in a popup, so you can easily copy it and send it to appropriate parties, incorporate it into SMS messages, or use it in other ways for distribution purposes.