When adding an application, you specify a name and channel type and then define various settings according to your application type.

Upon creation, an application key is automatically generated by Interact and embedded into the new application.

To add an application:

  1. At the top right corner of the Applications page, click Add:

    The New Application details page opens with settings for the full Agent Application displayed by default.

  2. In the Application Name textbox, enter a relevant name for the application.
  3. From the Channel Type dropdown list, select the appropriate channel type (Agent History Only, Mobile Web, etc.).
    Note: As there can be only one instance of the Admin Console and the Designer per account, these channel types do not appear in the list.
  4. By default, a newly added application is active. To make the new application inactive, from the Active dropdown list, select No.
  5. Configure the other application settings on the Details tab and the Client Settings tab as required. For a detailed explanation of all parameters, refer to Understanding Application Settings.
  6. If you selected a channel type of Mobile Web or Web Self Service, review (and update if necessary) the application settings on the Connectivity Settings tab. For more information, refer to Managing Connectivity Settings.
  7. Some applications enable you to customize how UI components appear to a customer. To change components such as the application Title, headers and footers, or add custom Javascript code, use the index.html tab. For more information, see Customizing the UI for an Application.
  8. When finished, click Save at the top right corner of the new Application page. A confirmation message is displayed, and the Applications page opens with the new application added to the grid.