The Jacada Interact Administration Console provides tools for managing all aspects of your Interact account and the Flows published to it.

Continuous communication is maintained between the Admin Console, the Web Designer, and the Interact Server clients (applications). Therefore, any updates that are made in the Admin Console have an immediate effect on the other system components. For example, if you modify Flow global resources in the Admin Console, their values are immediately updated in runtime. (There is no need to re-publish the Flows that use those resources.)

On first login to the Admin Console, you'll see the Welcome page, providing a brief video introduction to Jacada Interact.

Common administrative actions performed using the Admin Console are summarized in the sections below.

Note: The menus that are available to you and the operations that you are authorized to perform are determined according to your role. For more information, refer to Roles and Permissions.

Account: General Account Maintenance

The Account menu enables you to view and manage all account-related information, such as:

Resources: Server Resource Management

The Resources menu enables you to create, view and manage a variety of resources that are used by the Jacada Interact Server, including:

  • Flows: Enabling you to view and manage the Flows published to your account.
  • Applications: Enabling you to view and manage the Applications used in your account.
  • Folders and Images: Enabling you to create and manage data folders and images for the account.
  • Integration Points: Calls to web services that retrieve information from external data sources.
  • RPA Resources: Enabling you to upload and view predefined Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services for the account.
  • System Variables: The System Variables that are made available globally in the Web Designer.
  • Custom Types: Special function variables that contain a set of fields related to a specific object.
  • Themes: Stylesheets that determine the look and feel of your Mobile Web, Web Self-Service, and Agent applications.
  • Media Libraries: Enabling you to manage videos that are available to Flows.
  • Common Styles: Enabling you to create and maintain a set of custom global CSS styles to use in Flows.
  • Campaign Management: Enabling you to create customized campaigns that give users access to specific Flows via SMS.
  • Extensions: JavaScript extensions that build on existing functionality.
  • Reports: Customized reporting capabilities with advanced data analysis functions.

Settings: Connectivity, Security and Collaboration

The Settings menu allows you to define parameters for:

Monitoring: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The Monitoring menu enables you to track all RPA activities for the account.

For details, see the Monitoring Robotic Process Automation section.

Intelligent Assistant: Designing a Virtual Agent

The Intelligent Assistant menu provides access to the features of Jacada's integrated virtual agent chatbot:

  • Domains access for the configured Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine
  • Analytics for better understanding of virtual agent chatbot performance for your account

For details, see the Intelligent Assistant section.