This method retrieves the content of an image that was uploaded in a specified Interaction. The method is relevant only to Interactions that include the Photo Upload feature.

This method is always used in combination with the Get Full Interaction Flow method. Once the Interaction flow is returned, the path to the required images (img_path) can be identified and used to retrieve photos. (To view the structure of a full image path, refer to the sample response provided in the Get Full Interaction Flow API article.)

URL Syntax and Example

http(s)://[host:port]/interact/agent/version/[version]/account/[accountID] /photo/[interactionuniqueid/[img_path]?maxSize=[requiredsize]

https://gointeract.io/interact/agent/version/2/account/12345678/photo/040100709/% 252Fmnt%252Fsdcard%252Fhome%252Fdownloads%252Fi1152998579?maxSize=60

url decoded: /interact/version/2/account/12345678/photo/040100713//mnt/sdcard/home/downloads/ i1152998579?maxSize=60

Specific URI Fields

URI Field Data Type Description
img_path string The complete path to an image used in an Interaction. 
requiredsize string The size (in pixels) of the image that is returned.

HTTP Method


HTTP Headers

Tenant-Id: <account>
Application-Key: <Public API Service application key>

When working in a Multi Environment configuration, the Header must include the name of the current environment:

Environment-Name: <environment-name>

Expected Responses

Response Scenario Status Code/Header Example Message
Success 200 <photo link>
Missing or incorrect parameter (uid\path\maxSize) 400 missing or invalid parameter <parameter>
Invalid security headers 401
"Unauthenticated-Reason" Header
"message": "Request is unauthorized, missing or wrong credentials",
Photo not found 404 photo was not found
General error (failure while getting photo) 500 EMPTY