You can display History for a specified Interaction Flow or Intent Flow (chatbot conversation) by searching for it in the Agent application.

In the Search box of the Agent application, enter the value for the search attribute that is associated with the Flow:

Note: Searching in the Agent (History Only) application uses the same attributes as the full Agent application.

The following table lists the search attributes that are currently available for locating the history of a Flow:

Search Attribute Description
Call Return Number Available when the Flow user requests a callback from an agent. The value is the customer's phone number, entered by the customer when the callback request is initiated..

This value is stored in the read-only Call Return Number Entered System Variable.
Click-to-Call Caller ID Available when the DNIS Service Application is used to handle calls from Flow users. The value of the attribute is usually the phone number to which the user dialed..

This value is stored in the read-only Click-to-Call Caller ID System Variable.
DNID Available when the DNIS Application handles calls from Flow users. This is the identifier for the relevant DNIS phone number for the Flow.
DTMF Available when Direct Dial with DTMF is selected as the Call Now handling method. The DTMF code (which is associated with the unique ID of the Flow instance) is passed with the call..

This value is stored in the read-only DTMF System Variable.
History Search ID Available when the historySearchId parameter is appended to the shared URL for the Flow.

For example: &historySearchId=blue-p4ff56al8

This value is also stored in the read-only historySearchId System Variable.
Interaction Unique ID Available by default upon Interaction Flow execution. This value is stored in the read-only Interaction Unique Id System Variable.

Any of the attributes listed above may be used as parameters in a direct URL that is created to provide access to a specific Flow instance. For complete details, see Using a Direct URL.

A History search returns data for Flow instances that were run within the past three months. If no results are found within this time period, you will be prompted to extend the search, which returns Flow data from within the last year. (Performing an extended History search may prolong the search time.)




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