Using the History function, you can view all account-level data for a specific instance of:

  • an Interaction Flow
  • an Intent Flow (Intelligent Assistant chatbot conversation)

In the Agent application, you view history by accessing the History Flow tab for a specified Flow:

Note: In the Web Designer, when using the Agent application to preview an Interaction Flow, you view Flow history by navigating through the Interaction to its completion. The History panel is displayed automatically after you click Done.

To display the History Flow tab for a specific Flow, you search for a reference to the Flow (e.g., caller attribute, history search ID, DNID, etc.) using the Search box at the top of the Agent or Agent (History Only) application:

The History Flow tab provides key information for a selected Flow, and displays complete execution details, including:

  • Answers supplied by a user (Interaction Flows only)
  • Flow user steps
  • Variables saved or updated during a Flow
  • Device characteristics