This application is designed for customers to access and use self service guided flows using their mobile devices. The look and feel of the page is determined by the theme and swatch assigned to the application in the Admin Console. The buttons at the top of the page enable the user to navigate through the Interaction. 

Jacada has developed several customized themes that are recommended for an aesthetic and usable look and feel to your Interactions. The Flat and Floating themes support the ability to feature a logo at the top of the Interaction page. The following examples show how the Flat, Floating, and Rounded themes appear in runtime:

In addition, the Flat-Mobile-RTL theme, which is based on the Flat theme, was developed specifically to support proper display of Interactions in right-to-left languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic.

When the relevant menu bar options are enabled in the Designer, the Contact Us button is displayed on the menu bar. This button allows users to access the following customer assistance features (depending on the configuration that is defined in the Designer and in the Admin Console):

  • Call Us: Allows the user to call an agent.
  • Callback: Allows the user to request a callback from an agent.
  • Chat: Allows the user to initiate a chat session with a call center agent.
  • Email: Allows the user to send an email to a call center agent.