The Information area below the Interaction page content provides data relevant to the caller or the system. The type of variables that are shown (Customer ID, etc.) can vary from Interaction to Interaction. Within an Interaction, the values of the variables can change from page to page, but the variable types remain the same.

Information parameters are displayed in columns of 3 rows each. If more than 6 variables are defined for an Interaction, the navigation buttons (at the left side of the Information area) are used to view additional columns.

The parameters in the Information area are populated according to the variables exposed by the designer of the Interaction, using the Agent Data API variable set. Only those variables that are allocated in the Interaction and exposed through the Interaction Designer appear in the Information area. For more information about working with variable sets, refer to Editing Variable Sets.

Information variables that may appear in an Interaction in the Agent Application are:

  • Customer ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Customer Profile
  • Device OS
  • Language
  • Time Zone
  • Locale