The Search tool, in the upper left corner of the Agent Application, enables you to search for new and saved Interactions. You can search according to the name or the description of an Interaction. In addition, if you are searching for a saved instance of an Interaction, you can search according to the saved name or the variable values that were passed in that Interaction instance.

Before entering your search term, select either Interactions or Saved Interactions from the list of search options. Alternatively, select the All option.(The History option displays only non-editable versions of Interactions. For more information, refer to Viewing Interaction History.)

The autocomplete feature of the Search tool retrieves all Interactions that contain the entered text in their names. For example:

Selecting an Interaction from the list of retrieved Interactions opens the Interaction.

Search Results Tab

The Search Results tab opens when you click the Search icon or press Enter after typing your search term (keyword). If Interactions matching the keyword are found, a list of those Interactions is displayed. The following example shows search results for the search term getting:

Selecting an Interaction from the Search Results tab opens that Interaction in the same tab, and the tab name is replaced with the name of the selected Interaction.