The Agent Application is a web application that provides call center agents with the tools they need to quickly and efficiently manage customer interactions. The application can be used in the following ways:

  • Starting New Interactions: Agents can select (from a list) the Interaction that is most suitable to the needs of the current caller, and open a new instance of that Interaction. Alternatively, agents can use the Search tool to search for the appropriate Interaction, according to Interaction name or description.
    This allows the agent to begin the conversation quickly, and navigate through the script with the customer in real time. If the conversation needs to be ended for any reason, the agent can save the Interaction and all data, so it can quickly be resumed at a later time.
  • Continuing Saved Interactions: The Use Saved feature enables agents to access Interactions that were started but not completed.
  • Accessing Interaction History: The History Flow tab, which is accessed by performing a history search, provides a read-only view of data related to a specific Interaction instance. Performing a history search is useful when a customer carrying out a mobile self-service process calls an agent for assistance. Upon accessing the caller's Interaction, the agent receives a summary of the sequence that the customer has navigated through prior to calling the agent. The agent is able to view all screens involved in the Interaction flow, all input that was provided by the user, and data about the user's mobile device.
  • Collaborating and Sharing Content: The capability of the Agent Application to support Collaboration Rooms enables agents to exchange files and images with customers in a live web session. For more information, refer to Customer Collaboration.

The Agent Application can be used in either of the following formats:

  • Standalone: The application is independent of other applications, and is accessed by entering a URL into your browser. For details, refer to Accessing the Application.
  • Widget option: The application is presented as a widget nested inside another web page or a host application, such as Jacada WorkSpace. For details, refer to Creating the Agent Application Widget.

The Agent Application supports the call center standard, and is certified with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and higher
  • Firefox 19 and higher
  • Chrome 25 and higher

The following topics present: