The VXML Connector Admin role enables VIVR VXML Connector users to access to the Admin Console to manage their server accounts and applications. Permissions for these users focus on account maintenance, definition of application settings, and configuration of customer assistance options.
VXML Connector administrators have limited access to server resources, and are not authorized to view custom variable types, Image/Media libraries, or common styles and extensions. The Interaction Variables menu, which lists system variables that can be used in Interactions, is viewable, and users with the VXML Connector Admin role may update the values of the variables. However, they do not have permissions to add new system variables or delete existing ones.
The following sections describe the operations for which VXML Connector administrators are authorized.

Maintaining Your Account 
As a VXML Connector administrator, you are authorized to view and manage all information related to your account. This includes:

Managing Your Applications
VXML Connector administrators are authorized to view and update all defined applications, as well as add new applications. Refer to the following topics for more information:

  • Managing Applications: Explains how to add and inactivate applications, run applications, and share the application URL. This section also describes the different types of authentication, and explains how to regenerate the application key.
  • Configuring Application Settings: Describes how to view and update authentication parameters, runtime look and feel, and customer assistance settings for the various Jacada Interaction Server clients.
  • Managing Application Themes: Presents some of the out-of-the-box themes provided to allow users to run Interactions with a customized look and feel. This section also explains how to add, modify and delete your own themes.
  • Working with the Zendesk Application: Explains how to enable and configure Ticket Guidance, an agent support application embedded in the Zendesk Marketplace.

Working with Interactions and Integration Points
VXML Connector administrators are authorized to manage Interactions published to the server, as well as configure and modify web service integration points. Refer to the following topics for more information:

  • Managing Interactions: Explains how to view, update, run and distribute the Interactions published to the Interaction Server.
  • Utilizing External Data Sources: Describes how to create and manage web services that retrieve information from external data sources.

Setting Customer Assistance Options
As a VXML Connector administrator, you are authorized to view and manage all settings related to customer assistance features. This includes: