The following methods are used to integrate Jacada Interact with the DNIS application. (These APIs are required when the Call Now call handling method is DNIS Manager.)

  • Create a Phone: Adds a number to the list of phone numbers to be allocated in runtime.
  • Allocate Phone: Allocates an Interaction's unique identifier to an available phone number.
  • Get DNIS Allocation: Retrieves the Interaction unique ID of the Interaction to which a phone number is allocated.
  • Free Phone Allocation: Frees a phone number to which an Interaction's unique identifier is currently allocated.

Note: For more information about using the DNIS Manager and the different DNIS integration workflows, refer to Working with the DNIS Manager.

As some of these methods (Create a Phone and Free Phone Allocation) require extra security, it is necessary to authenticate against the server, using an access token, in order to invoke them. For more information about authentication, refer to Authenticating Against the Interaction Server.