For convenience, you may access the Interaction Designer from the Launchpad so you can begin creating your own Interaction flows. 

When you click the Create a new Interaction button, you are redirected to another page of the Launchpad that features the Launch Designer button on the right side of the page:

 Clicking Launch Designer opens the Interaction Designer on a virtual desktop, using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology. To ensure a secure remote session, login is required to access the Designer. By default, your username is displayed, but the password field is blank. For example:

Following a successful login, the Interaction Designer is enabled.
The virtual desktop application has an inactivity timeout of one hour. If no actions are performed in the Interaction Designer for 60 consecutive minutes, your session is automatically ended, and you are redirected to the Jacada homepage.
For information about special features and issues related to working with a remote Designer, refer to Virtual Desktop Sessions: Considerations and Features.
For information about designing an Interaction, refer to Creating Your First Interaction.