The Home page is the starting point for accessing all Launchpad functionalities. The features and different sections of the Home page are described in the table following the diagram.

1 Launchpad Banner Displays a customized welcome message. For more information, refer to Launchpad Banner (below).
2 Menu icon Opens a popup menu that enables you to access additional resources, or to logout. For more information, refer to Launchpad Banner (below).
3 Interactions list Lists the Interactions published to your account and enables you to test them. For details, refer to Managing Interactions from the Launchpad.
4 Open Designer button Allows you to access the Interaction Designer. For details, refer to Accessing the Designer from the Launchpad.
5 Resources center Allows you to access videos and other resources designed to help you learn more about Interactions and how to build them.

Launchpad Banner

This section features a welcome message. The message that you see varies according to how far you have progressed in using the Launchpad and the Interaction Designer. The text of the message provides options and tips appropriate to the stage that you are at.
Clicking the Menu icon at the upper right corner of the banner opens a popup menu with the following options:

  • Admin Console: Redirects to the Jacada Interaction Server Admin Console.
  • Help Center: Redirects to Jacada's online documentation.
  • Logout: Exits the Launchpad.