The following sections describe how to maintain your campaign list by updating and deleting campaigns.

Modifying Campaign Details
The Edit function allows you to update details of a campaign. All details are modifiable.

To update details of a campaign:

  1. From the SMS Management page, in the Campaign Name column, click the link of the campaign that you want to update.
    The Campaign Details page opens.
  2. At the upper right corner of the page, click Edit.
    All parameters become editable.

  3. Update the parameters as required. For an explanation of each parameter, refer to Adding Campaigns.
    Note: Clicking the Interaction's URL Access link opens the Access Protection tab of the relevant Interaction. For more information, refer to Protecting Access to Interactions.
  4. At the upper right corner of the page, click Save.
    A confirmation message appears, and the SMS Management page is displayed. Changes are saved in the system.

Deleting Campaigns
The Delete button enables you to remove campaigns that are no longer required. Multiple campaigns may be deleted simultaneously.

To delete a campaign:

  1. At the left side of the SMS Management page, select the checkbox(es) in the row(s) of the campaign(s) that you want to delete. To select all campaigns, click the column header above the checkboxes
    The Delete button is enabled.
  2. At the upper right corner of the page, click Delete.
    A warning popup opens.

  3. From the warning popup, click Yes.
    A confirmation message is displayed, and the selected rows are deleted from the grid on the SMS Management page.