Customer assistance options are set using either of the following techniques:

  • Creating a Contact Us Interaction element
  • Displaying the Contact Us button in the menu bar

Note: The customer assistance features need to be enabled both in the Admin Console and in the Interaction element. If they are enabled in one and not the other, the features will not work as expected. A validation check is done when the Interaction is approved by an Interaction administrator.

Creating a Contact Us Element

Contact Us is an independent Interaction element that can be inserted at relevant points in the Interaction flow, to ensure that appropriate assistance options are presented to end users.

Note: The Contact Us element is not supported in the Agent Application.

To define a Contact Us element:

  1. From the Insert menu, select Contact Us. Alternatively, from the toolbar, click  and then click inside the Interaction map.
    The Contact Us Definition dialog opens.

  2. In the Reference Name field, enter an appropriate name for the element. 
  3. In the Display field, enter the message that will be displayed to the user. (For example, Please select one of the following options to get further assistance.)
  4. To enable the customer assistance features, select the relevant checkboxes.
    At least one checkbox must be selected.
  5. In the Page Title field, enter text to be displayed at the top of the page.
    By default, the title of the page is Contact Us.
  6. Click OK.
    The Contact Us element is added to the Interaction.

Displaying the Contact Us Button

In this method, customer assistance options are enabled and disabled on a page-by-page basis, by specifying the desired settings in the Settings tab of the Interaction Element. The Settings tab is featured in the Definition dialogs of many visual elements, such as Questions and Statements. For example:

When customer assistance settings are enabled, the Contact Us button appears on the menu bar of the Interaction page.

To enable customer assistance options for an Interaction element:

  1. At the top of the Definition dialog of the visual Interaction element, select Settings.
    The Settings tab appears.
  2. In the Menu Configuration frame, select the Display Menu Bar checkbox.
    The options below are enabled. 
  3. Select the checkbox for each feature that you want to enable.
  4. Click OK.
    Changes are saved in the system.