The connection options in VIVR VXML Connector (usually displayed on a Contact Us page) allow the user to contact an agent to get further assistance and complete the Interaction flow. The figure below shows an example of a Contact Us page in a visual Interaction.


The following sections summarize the channels of communication provided for the user to connect to an agent.


Clicking the Chat button on the Contact Us page initiates a chat session with an available agent. A link to the Agent Popup application is automatically sent to the agent, allowing the agent to view the full Interaction history of the customer. 

For more information about configuring chat integration, contact Jacada Support.


Clicking the Mail icon opens the Email Us page. This page prompts the customer to enter contact details and a message. The Email and Message fields are mandatory.

When the customer clicks the Next button, an email is automatically sent to your organization. In addition to the contact details entered by the customer, the email displays a link to the history of the Interaction instance, and other information about the customer and/or the customer's device (if available). For more information, refer to Customer Assistance Options.


This option enables the customer to call a customer service representative. Clicking the Call (or Connect) button on the Contact Us screen opens a popup that provides the user with the number to call. For example: 


For details about how the call flow works, refer to Calling an Agent

Call Return

Clicking the Call Return icon opens a page that prompts the user to provide a phone number for a callback. For example:


For details about configuring Call Return, refer to Defining Call Return Settings.

Note: The availability of the connection options is determined by settings configured in the Jacada Interact Admin Console. For more information, refer to Configuring Chat Settings and Managing Connectivity Settings.