The {Language} annotation allows you to specify the language in which the user interface wrapper of a page is displayed (e.g., navigation buttons, page titles, etc.). The {Language} annotation does not affect the language of the IVR prompts.

Once a {Language} annotation is declared, all subsequent pages are displayed in the specified language (until another {Language} annotation is declared). {Language} annotations may be declared on any page of the IVR flow, as required.

Note: The language specified must be one of the languages supported by Jacada Interaction Server. For a list of supported languages, click here.

The following syntax is used when declaring a {Language} annotation:

{Language}Spanish{Title}This page will be displayed in Spanish.

Note: The {Language} annotation cannot be used to change the language of the first page of the Interaction. To display the initial page of the Interaction in a specific language, the Language parameter needs to be passed in the Interaction URL. For example:

For more information about constructing the Interaction URL, click here