VIVR VXML Connector supports the ability to include additional flows which are not part of the original IVR script. This is done by adding a Sub-interaction flow to the VIVR project.

The Sub-interaction provided by VIVR VXML Connector is the file, which is found in the <VIVR_HOME>\ resources folder. The content of the Sub-interaction may be edited as required, using the Jacada Interaction Designer. After editing, make sure to publish and approve the Sub-interaction before using it in your VIVR project.

Note: For more information about the Interaction Designer, and creating and publishing Interactions, contact the Jacada Support team.

The {LoadInteraction} annotation is used to call the Sub-interaction ( and begin its flow. The parameter provided after the {LoadInteraction} annotation is the input parameter for the Sub-interaction. You can use this parameter to add your own logic to (e.g., to direct specific flows, or to call your own Sub-interaction).

The following syntax is used to call following any Interaction element except a Menu Item:

{LoadInteraction}<input> e.g., {LoadInteraction}balance

The string <input> is a variable passed from the VIVR VXML Connector main Interaction to the Sub-interaction. The logic used in the string can vary according to your requirements.

To call following a Menu Item, the LoadInteraction annotation is wrapped by an {Option} annotation. The input provided is the name of the required Sub-interaction. For example:

{Title}Are these adult tickets or child tickets? {Options}
                 {Option}LoadInteraction:TechSupport=Online Tech Support

The entry and exit points of the Sub-interaction should not be modified. The flow into and out of the Sub-interaction is shown in the following figure: