The {Placeholder} annotation is used to indicate the location of input that is supplied by the user during runtime. On the VXML Connector page, the preconfigured text of the placeholder is displayed to users, who then replace this text with their own input. The placeholder text generally provides an example, or prompts users about how to respond.

{Placeholder} annotations can be used for any input text, such as a number, an amount of currency, and so on.

The following example shows how to use a placeholder when mapping an audio prompt. The Voice prompt is:

Welcome to our bank. Please enter a six digit account number

After mapping, the annotations are as follows. Note the use of the HTML tags.

{Title}<b>Welcome to our bank.</b>{Newline}
{Label} Please enter a six digit account number {NumberInput}
{Placeholder}Type a Number Here

The figure below shows how these annotations are displayed in a VIVR VXML Connector page: