The following topics, for advanced users, describe how to work with more complex annotations:

  • Non Audit Attribute: Describes how to determine whether user input is saved in the database.
  • Split: Explains how to divide a single Voice IVR page into multiple VIVR VXML Connector pages
  • Using HTML Tags in Annotations: Describes how to format prompts using HTML tags.
  • Placeholder: Explains how to mark the location of an input supplied during runtime.
  • StartData and DisplayData: Explains how to incorporate IVR variables into your annotations.
  • Handling Numbers: Explains how to correctly write annotations for numbers that involve several columns.
  • LoadInteraction: Explains how to supplement your Visual IVR Interaction with additional flows that are created in the Jacada Interaction Designer.
  • Language: Describes how to specify the language in which the user interface wrapper of a page is displayed.