A {Warning} annotation enables you to present a message to users to alert them that the input they have entered has failed the Voice VR's validation test. Unlike the {ValidationMessage} annotation, a warning message is not related to the VXML grammar. The following diagram provides an example of a warning presented when the user has entered an invalid amount. The grammar is valid (the user has entered a number), but the value is invalid because the number is more than 100 (the balance in the account).

Note: A {Warning} annotation should be placed immediately after the input annotation.

The following example explains how to create a message that is shown to users when they enter a value less than 10. The original VXML is:

<prompt> Please enter a number bigger than 10 </prompt>

After mapping, the annotations appear as follows:

<prompt> {Title} Please enter a number bigger than 10 {NumberInput}
Please insert number bigger than 10 </prompt>

When a Warning is generated (after pressing Next), users are immediately redirected back to the input page, where the warning text is presented, prompting them to re-enter their input.