A {Dropdown} annotation is very similar to an{Options} annotation, as it also introduces a list of choices from which the user can select a single option. Use the {Dropdown} annotation to present the options in a dropdown list.
Like the {Options} annotation, each option (choice) following a {Dropdown} annotation should be preceded with an {Option} annotation. The {Option} text has the following structure:


The text is displayed to the Visual IVR user, and selecting it simulates a selection of [Selection]. For instance, in the following example, pressing the Deposit option simulates a Voice IVR user pressing 1.
In this example, a request is followed by a list of four selection options. The Voice prompt is:

Please select one of the following options
                 For deposit press 1 
                 For withdrawal press 2
                 To check balance press 3
                 To transfer funds press 4

After mapping, the annotations are:

{Title}Please select one of the following options {Dropdown}
                 {Option}3=Check Balance
                 {Option}4=Transfer Funds

The following example shows how a {Dropdown} annotation is displayed in the Agent Application: