The following sections explain how to install VIVR VXML Connector in environments using a Linux operating system. Installation involves setting the projects directory path and configuration of the server and the database.

The Linux operating system is supported for runtime only. For a development environment, a Windows installation is required. 

Note: The procedures below do not include installation of sample demonstration applications. You can install these samples manually following installation. For details, refer to Installing Samples.


Setting the Projects Directory Path
This phase involves configuring the


property to point to your projects folder. The projects folder contains all your VIVR VXML Connector projects. The default path of the projects folder is <VIVR_INSTALLATION_HOME>/tomcat/jacada/vivr/projects.

To set the projects directory path:

  1. Login to Linux as root.
  2. From the installation directory, unzip the file.
  3. Open the <VIVR_INSTALLATION_HOME>/conf/visualivr.xml file, and change the
    property to point to your projects folder.

Configuring the Database
This phase involves downloading MongoDB for Linux, and copying the data folder supplied in the VIVR VXML Connector installation directory to this new database. Before extracting the new database, the original mongoDb folder is renamed, to avoid overwriting of required data.

To configure the database:

  1. Download MongoDB version 2.4.10 for Linux.
  2. Rename the existing mongoDb folder <VIVR_INSTALLATION_HOME>/mongoDb. (For example, you can call it mongoDb_1.)
  3. Extract the mongoDb you downloaded to <VIVR_INSTALLATION_HOME>/mongoDb.
  4. Copy the data folder from the old mongoDb (e.g., mongDb_1) to the new one you have just extracted, using the following command:
    cp mongoDb_/data/* mongoDb/data -rf
  5. To create services, copy <VIVR_INSTALLATION_HOME>/scripts/linux/mongod to /etc/init.d.
  6. In /etc/init.d/mongod, change the
    property to =
  7. In the <VIVR_INSTALLATION_HOME>/conf/vivrdb.conf file, set the full path for the
  8. To convert to executable modes, run the following commands:
    • chmod 777 /etc/init.d /mongod
    • chmod 777 <VIVR_INSTALLATION_HOME>/mongoDb/bin/mongod
    • chmod 777 <VIVR_INSTALLATION_HOME /tomcat/bin/
  9. Run service mongod start.

Configuring the Server
This phase involves creating services and setting the path to the Tomcat server.

To configure the server:

  1. Copy <VIVR_INSTALLATION_HOME>/scripts/linux/tomcat to /etc/init.d.
  2. In /etc/init.d/tomcat, change the
    property to point to your Tomcat server.
    For example:
  3. To convert to executable mode, run the following command:
    chmod 777 /etc/init.d /tomcat
  4. Run service tomcat start.