The Configuration feature of the Launch Pad provides a shortcut for modifying selected settings of the ProjectConfiguration.xml file of a selected project. This file contains the settings that define how to run VIVR VXML Connector.

To update project configuration settings:

  1. From the relevant row of the Projects List of the Launch Pad, click .
    The Project Configuration popup opens, with the current settings displayed.

    Note:In sample projects, only the IVR Project URL, Display Unmatched Audio, and Display Error Details settings are editable.
  2. From the Provider dropdown list, select the IVR vendor to which the VXML connects (Avaya, Cisco, Genesys or Other).
  3. In the Project Name textbox, enter a friendly name for the project. The name may not contain white spaces.
  4. In the IVR Project URL textbox, enter the full path URL of the Voice IVR VXML Server application. Generally, this is the same URL that you provide in your media player.

    To test the connection, click Test. If you do not receive a Success message, verify that the address is correct and that you have access to the server. A good way to confirm the connection is to paste the URL into a web browser. A VXML page should be returned.
  5. From the Default Grammar dropdown list, select the relevant grammar compatibility. If you are not sure which option to select, use the default value.
  6. In the Window Title textbox, enter the title that is displayed at the top of each page of the Interaction.
  7. At the bottom of the popup, select/clear the following checkboxes, as required:
    • Display Error Details: When selected, extensive error messages are displayed when the project is run.
    • Display Unmatched Audio: When selected, the paths of audio files that have not been translated are displayed when the project is run.
  8. Click Save.
    The popup closes, and the ProjectConfiguration.xml file of the selected project is updated.