The Demo Viewer enables you to run the sample projects provided by Jacada inside a special view that displays the audio to text mapping involved in each page of the flow. The Viewer is a useful tool for familiarizing yourself with the translation process and the use of the different annotations.

To access the Demo Viewer:
From the relevant row of the Projects List of the Launch Pad, click . You may choose from the following sample projects:

  • Basic Sample: Opens a simple Interaction demonstrating a decision workflow (AgeIdentification).
  • Advanced Sample: Opens a sample flow based on simple bank account activities (BankDemo).

The Demo Viewer opens in a new tab.

A sample screen of the Demo Viewer is shown in the following figure. The features of the Viewer are explained in the table below the diagram.

1 Runtime Simulator This area displays the Interaction as it will look to the end user in runtime. Navigate through the flow by entering input and/or selecting options, and then clicking the Next button.
2 IVR Elements This portion of the screen displays the flow elements of the IVR flow that correspond to the visual elements displayed in the Runtime Simulator. Both Avaya and Cisco elements are shown. Clicking the element displays the full flow.
3 Audio to Text Mapping This area shows the mapping between the audio prompts of the Voice IVR and the annotations of the Visual IVR.
4 Explanation This portion of the screen explains the structure and function of the Visual IVR annotation used in the Interaction page.