This section explains how to use a sample project that is provided with the application. The project file name is This file can be found in the Vendors\Avaya folder.

Installing the Project
The following actions are required to install the project:

  1. Import the project into the Orchestration Designer.
  2. Configure an external phone number to direct VIVR VXML Connector calls to this project.

Understanding the Project Workflow
Once a VIVR VXML Connector caller is directed to the project, the following sequence takes place:

  1. A prompt is played, asking the caller to insert a code.
  2. The code is used to call a Web service exposed by VIVR VXML Connector to retrieve the Interaction Unique Id, and use it to obtain the transfer attributes.
  3. The call is transferred to the DEST number (as retrieved from the Web Service call).
  4. The AAI is populated with the DTMF code.

Starting the Agent Application
In order to start the Agent Application for the incoming call, the following steps are required:

  1. Update the project to populate the AAI with the DTMF code received by the user.
  2. Extract the DTMF code from the AAI when the agent accepts the call.
  3. Place the DTMF code in the correct position in the Agent Application URL.
  4. Call that URL to start the Agent Application.