A {ValidationMessage} annotation is used to create a message to be presented when the user's input does not conform to the grammar rules configured in the VXML. This annotation can be appended to any type of input annotation.

The following diagram provides an example of a validation message presented when the user has entered letters instead of numbers:

Note that a validation message relates only to the validity check that is performed against the VXML grammar. A {Warning} annotation is used to alert the user to failure of an Voice IVR validity test.

Note: A {ValidationMessage} annotation should be placed immediately after the input annotation.

The following example explains how to create a message that is shown to the user when too few/too many digits of a PIN have been entered. The Voice prompt is:

Please enter or say your pin number

After mapping, the annotations are:

{Title} Please enter your pin number {PasswordInput}
{ValidationMessage}Please enter your 4 digit pin number

In the Visual IVR, the validation message is presented in a popup. After confirming the message, the user is redirected back to the input page. For example: