The projects folder contains all your VIVR VXML Connector projects. The default path of the projects folder is tomcat\jacada\vivr.

Note: The name of the projects folder can be configured in the visualivr.xml file, which defines global settings for the application. Ensure that the path to this folder contains forward slashes only. For example, C:/VIVR/tomcat/jacada/vivr/projects

VIVR VXML Connector is delivered with several sample projects in the projects folder. The name of a VIVR project is the same as its folder name in the projects directory (e.g., bank in the figure below). Any of these sample projects can be used as templates for setting up your own projects.

Each project in the projects folder has its own subfolder, containing the following content:

  • ProjectConfiguration.xml file: Contains settings of a specific VIVR VXML Connector project.
  • AudioToText folder: This folder holds .xml files that define mapping between audio prompts and the VIVR VXML Connector annotations that are displayed to the user. The folder can contain an unlimited number of files. When a VIVR VXML Connector project is run, all the files contained in the AudioToText folder are loaded. The names of the files in the AudioToText folder can be set to any names that are relevant to you.

Note: For more information about mapping and translating audio prompts to be supported by the Visual IVR, refer to Converting VXML Scripts to Visual Elements.