The following procedure explains how to use the setup wizard to install VIVR VXML Connector.

Note: The installer is supported only in environments with a Windows operating system. If you have a Linux operating system (supported for runtime only), refer to Installation for Linux.

To install VIVR VXML Connector:

  1. Open the VIVR_7_4.exe file.
    The setup wizard opens, with the Welcome page displayed.

  2. From the Welcome page, click Next.
    The Select Destination Directory page opens, with the default installation path displayed.


  3. If desired, change the default installation path by clicking Browse, and then navigating to the required directory. Then, click Next.
    The Installation Configuration page opens.
  4. Define details for the VXML Connector server:
    Under Jacada Server Details, enter the port and IP of the server in the appropriate fields.

    Note: To ensure that your application will be accessible from remote browsers, it is recommended not to set the Server IP value to localhost. Instead, set it to the actual IP address of the installing machine. 

  5. Specify the IVR provider:
    From the IVR Provider dropdown list, select the relevant option (Avaya, Cisco or Genesys). If you are using another IVR provider that supports VXML, select Genesys and contact Jacada Support for more details.
  6. Install sample VXML applications (optional but recommended):
    • Select the Deploy Sample checkbox.
      The configuration settings below are enabled.
    • At the right of the VXML Server Path field, click Browse and navigate to the location of your Voice IVR Tomcat application server.
    • In the VXML Server URL field, enter the full URL path of the Voice IVR VXML Server.
      Note: If you choose not to install the samples at this point, you may install them manually at any point after installation is completed. For details, refer to Installing Samples.
  7. Click Next.
    The installation begins. Progress bars are displayed as the installation process proceeds.
    Note:The installation process may take up to several minutes.
  8. When the installation is completed, click Finish.


    The wizard closes, and the Launch Pad opens. For more information, refer to Working with the Launch Pad.

The VXML Connector components are now available from your Start menu. For example:

Note: If you are working with Cisco, the Cisco VXML Server needs to be restarted before you can run the sample projects.