You can view details of a published Intent Flow and also modify its status using the Details panel of a selected Flow.

The panel displays the following details for each Flow:

Item Description
Name Name of the Intent Flow in Interact.
Status Draft or Approved. Approved Intent Flow are accessible for use by Jacada Interact clients.
Description Relevant information added by the author or editor, e.g., the purpose of the Flow.
Security Type The security type of the Intent Flow (Open or Secured) determines whether the Flow is a protected resource. Secured Flows can be accessed only by users who are authenticated against a 3rd party server.

For more details about authentication, click here.
Last Time Modified The date and time when the Intent Flow was most recently updated.
Modified By The Admin who last updated the Intent Flow. When predefined authentication is used, clicking the link opens the User's Details page for the relevant Administrator.
Author The Admin who created or was designated as author of the Intent Flow.
Intent Flow ID Unique ID of the Intent Flow, provided by Interact.

Modifying the Intent Flow Status

  1. From the Intent Flows page of the Admin Console, click on the name of the Intent Flow you wish to modify. The Details panel for the selected Flow will be displayed.

    When the list is long, you can locate a specific Flow by entering a few letters from its name in the Search field.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To change the status of a Draft Flow to Approved, click Approve.
    • To change the status of an Approved Flow back to Draft, click Back to Draft.

    A confirmation message is displayed.
  3. Click Yes. The Flow status will be modified and updated on the Details panel.